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    Joining the Delivery Network Team
    Doing some admin in the constituency office
    Canvassing and meeting residents door to door
    Making a financial donation to help Grant win in Welwyn Hatfield

    Any other comments or volunteering ideas?

    Delivering some leaflets for Grant from time to time: 

    Join hundreds of other local residents on Grant’s Delivery Network Team by delivering Grant’s leaflets in some streets near you once or twice a year (or more often if you’d prefer more exercise!)

    Doing some admin in the constituency office: 

    Help Grant and his team take care of some admin or data entry work in the Hatfield Constituency Office, with all the tea and coffee you could possibly wish for. 

    Helping Grant knock on doors to meet more constituents

    Grant has always made an effort to meet as many of his constituents face to face as possible, by spending one Saturday morning per month knocking on doors across Welwyn Hatfield.

    Making a financial donation to help Grant win in Welwyn Hatfield

    Making a donation to the local Conservative Association will go a long way to making sure Grant has the resources to keep constituents up to date with what he’s doing via literature deliveries and local advertising.