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Joining MPACT
Joining the Network Delivery Team
Doing some admin in the constituency office
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Providing general help on election day
Putting up a sign in the garden
Canvassing and meeting residents door to door
Making a financial donation to help Grant win in Welwyn Hatfield

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More detail on two of the most popular ways to get involved…

Delivery Network Team

Keeping in touch with Welwyn Hatfield residents is critical. I believe that in order to properly represent the interests of local people it’s vital to have ongoing two-way communication. I do this online via my website that you’re reading, through regular emails and of course through making myself as available as possible within the community.

However, in many cases the traditional forms of community are still essential. Nothing quite beats a regular community newsletter, such as my Feedback leaflet. Technology is great, but in order to genuinely keep in touch with all of my 75,000 residents, a full-coverage Delivery Network is absolutely essential.

I’m proud to say that every home in Welwyn Hatfield is covered by our Delivery Network Team which consists of a group of 500 to 600 residents – each of whom do their bit to help.

Many of those in my Delivery Network Team are dog walkers or just enjoy getting a bit of exercise. All like the idea of making sure their local community knows what’s going on.

With nearly 50,000 front doors to reach we need a big Delivery Network Team and so I’m always on the lookout for more volunteers. If you can help deliver some leaflets for me then please complete the form below. I’ll be most grateful and Welwyn Hatfield residents will be kept better informed as a result. On receipt of your form a member of my team will be in touch within a couple of days:


I run what I call my Action Team (or MPACT for short) and perhaps you’d be interested in getting involved.

Essentially we go out (usually on a Saturday morning for a couple of hours) and knock on doors to assist residents with any problems or concerns they might have. These can be local, national or international in nature. Afterwards, I write back to people on their specific concerns, trying to help where I can.

The whole process lasts no more than a couple of hours. It is a really interesting opportunity to find out what issues, local people are actually interested and even if residents don’t have any concerns they get to know that I’m interested in hearing from them!

We usually go for a drink and quick bite to eat in a local pub; there is a real social atmosphere.