Grant Shapps, the MP for Welwyn Hatfield, was invited to Roche’s UK head office based in his constituency.

During the visit, Mr Shapps had a productive roundtable discussion on the company’s sustainability and climate ambitions including their commitment to net zero.

Mr Shapps also took the opportunity to experience a virtual reality headset that replicates the progression of sight loss from early-stage to late-stage disease, demonstrating the tremendous impact that vision impairment has on the daily life of the individual living with it. The Roche team also presented to Mr Shapps the ground-breaking work the company has been undertaking in the field of vision impairment.

Roche’s General Manager Richard Erwin thanked Mr Shapps for his visit:

“We are very grateful to the Secretary of State and his team for taking the time to visit our UK head office in Welwyn Garden City. It was a fantastic chance to showcase the many ways in which we are supporting the local community as the UK continues to be a hub for life sciences, research and development and talent.”

Mr Shapps commented on his enjoyable visit to Roche’s head office in Welwyn Garden City:

“I want to thank the whole team at Roche UK for their commitment to achieving net zero and their fantastic work in the field of life sciences. Roche truly highlights how great the UK and Welwyn Hatfield are for scientific innovation and investment.”