Local MP Grant Shapps met with Jamie, an aspiring politician who attends the day service at Woodhall Community Centre.

Woodhall Opportunities Project is a service provided by St John of God Charity, which helps adults with disabilities to reach their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals through educational support and real-life experience.

One of Jamie’s key objectives was to become more engaged with the local community, which he swiftly acted upon by visiting the MP’s Office to express his interest. Mr Shapps was keen to meet Jamie in person to discuss his ambitions further and organised a visit to Woodhall. Jamie has since thrown himself into voluntary work around Welwyn Garden City.

Following the meeting, Jamie commented: “I loved meeting Grant. He was nice, signed my documents, and will help me with my goal.”

The service manager at Woodhall, Mo, was thankful for Mr Shapps’ visit: “Jamie has been very excited to get involved in local politics and asked us to help him do so.

“We are grateful to Grant Shapps and his team for making the time to visit Jamie who has been looking forward to the meeting.”

Mr Shapps appreciates all the incredible work that Woodhall Community Centre does and is so impressed with Jamie that Mr Shapps has invited him to Downing Street:

“I have high hopes for Jamie, he has a very bright future ahead of him!” said Mr Shapps. “I look forward to seeing him in Downing Street soon.”