On one of his recent constituency days, Welwyn Hatfield’s MP Grant Shapps visited Southfield School.

Southfield School leads the way in their teaching of over 80 pupils with learning difficulties via the priority they give to communication, self-regulation and independence.

Mr Shapps had the pleasure of meeting both teachers and pupils to see the achievements of the school and thank the staff for their tireless and crucial work.

“I am very grateful for all the work the staff do for the school and their pupils” Mr Shapps commented, “and I know that my gratitude is shared both by parents and the wider community”.

The teachers thanked Mr Shapps for his visit and expressed their gratitude to him for his support with the headteacher, Angela O’Rourke, saying:

“The pupils and the staff very much enjoyed having Mr Shapps on the site and were thrilled to be able to share with him the incredible role that Team Southfield play in the lives of our children. We are very grateful for Mr Shapps making the time for us”.