The long running campaign for the conversion of junctions of the A1 (M) motorway into a Smart Motorway has come a step closer with Highways England announcing progress.

After a lengthy drive by Grant and other Hertfordshire MPs to increase motorway capacity, Highways England have now announced that they are now ready to move onto the next stage of development. They are now in the process of analysing the conditions of the route and undertaking site surveys before further work is carried out.

The MP has been campaigning for the Smart Motorway to improve journey times to the Lister hospital by removing standstill traffic queues.

A Smart Motorway uses the latest technology to monitor traffic levels so that variable speed limits can be automatically changed to keep traffic moving at a steady speed. In addition, the hard shoulder will be converted into an extra permanent lane.

Grant commented, “I am cautiously optimistic about the news that work is finally progressing on this Smart Motorway. It’s vital that action is taken to ease the enormous disruption that is faced by road users in addition to the subsequent economic knock on impact to businesses in Welwyn Hatfield and beyond.

“Whilst I’m pleased with this news, we’ve had a few false starts on this, so I’m seeking a meeting with Highways England to keep up the pressure and to make sure that things don’t slip behind once again. With Welwyn Hatfield and surrounding areas seeing rapid growth, it’s vital that this much needed Smart Motorway is delivered as soon as possible.”