Welwyn Hatfield MP Grant Shapps is campaigning to bring London Underground trains all the way to Welwyn Garden City.

In response to the shambolic Great Northern timetable changes introduced last month and the ongoing chaos on our rail service to London, Welwyn Hatfield’s MP invited Transport for London (TfL) directors in to quiz them about potentially taking over the line as part of their London Overground network. Transport for London bosses have agreed that the service could be extended as a London Overground line and a firm proposal has now ben tabled with the MP.

“Our rail line becoming part of the London Overground network would produce a whole host of advantages,” said the MP, “from a more integrated service, to more trains and of course the Oyster card.”

Welwyn Hatfield’s MP said that he was ‘impressed’ with the proposals which TfL bosses presented to him in the House of Commons meeting and Mr Shapps has pledged to work with MPs right down the line to turn the idea into action.

“Local residents have suffered a lot,” said the MP who is also a daily commuter, “and it is time to get the service we deserve. I believe that being part of the broader London Underground and Overground service would better integrate our trains. So we would experience more trains, greater reliability and remove the uncertainty about whether you will actually be able to get to work and back on time.”

The current franchise is due for renewal in September 2021 and the MP has already raised his campaign with the Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling. He now intends to lead the campaign for London Overground to Welwyn Hatfield within parliament, signing up other MPs along the rail route.


Grant Shapps TfL Briefing