Ridgeway Academy is constantly improving. With the school breaking records and being oversubscribed this year, new Headteacher Sarah Mitcherson invited Grant Shapps MP along to see just what has led to such success.

Two year 11 students took Grant on a tour around the school to drop in on lessons and see the teachers and students who make Ridgeway what it is in action.

“Seeing the staff and pupils at work today really showed the full range of talent here at Ridgeway”, said Grant, “With such inspirational leadership it’s no surprise why record numbers of students are making it their first choice”.

Later in the day, pupils had the opportunity to sit down with Grant for a Q&A session. The aim was to give students from a variety of year groups the opportunity to put any questions they had in mind to their local MP.

And the children did not disappoint, asking Grant enthusiastic and wide-ranging questions on topics including music, sports and their efforts to raise money for a planned charity trip to help local communities in Costa Rica.

Headteacher Sarah Mitcherson said “we were delighted that Grant was able to find time in his busy schedule to visit Ridgeway Academy. Since opening in September 2018, the school has gone from strength to strength in achieving the targets it set. To receive such positive comments from Grant Shapps confirms that at Ridgeway Academy ‘Everybody can achieve’.”

Ridgeway has been oversubscribed for the past two years.