Hatfield businesses are pushing back on proposals to severely restrict parking that they believe will damage trade.

Multiple businesses in Bury Road industrial estate and the surrounding area have approached local MP Grant Shapps to support their request for the Council to reconsider the new proposals.

A parking change consultation proposes to introduce double-yellow lines and a limited number of parking permits that each cost £225, allocated on a first come first served basis.

However in a letter to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Chief Executive, Rob Bridge, Mr Shapps said “Rather than helping the area thrive, I believe the current proposals will inadvertently push local businesses away.

The changes are part of a wider programme of parking consultations that the Council hope will make it more manageable for residents as well as businesses in the area.

Companies affected by the proposed changes include the much-loved Simmons Bakers, who said, “We would like to thank the Council for giving consideration to local businesses, especially given the other recently implemented parking restrictions.

“However, on balance, our preference would be for no change to the current arrangements.”

The local MP further commented, “Local businesses are part of what make Welwyn Hatfield a great place to live and work. I know that the Council will want to listen to their concerns and put further thought into this plan.”