Grant went to visit what local residents referred to as the “forgotten road of Welwyn” at Birch Grove recently.

He met with residents, and took a walk along the road to view the poor condition it is in. He saw for himself the lack of maintenance that has been done and is calling for the county council to re-surface the road, which it hasn’t done for at least forty years, as soon as possible.

Grant said: “I wanted to see for myself how poorly maintained this road was and with the number of cracks and potholes I saw, on top of the fact I have been told that it has not been re-surfaced for forty years, the county council need to address this to ensure all residents can drive and use this road safely.”

Residents said: “It was great to have our local MP come down and see for himself the poor condition our road is in. It hasn’t been re-surfaced we think for at least 40 years and something needs to be done”