Grant Shapps, the MP for Welwyn Hatfield, welcomed Google to his constituency where they hosted a ‘Digital Garage’ which sought to support local businesses and individuals in improving their digital skills.

Google Digital Garage is a multi-million-pound investment in free digital skills training for adults in the UK. Over the last five years, the programme has trained over 800,000 small businesses and individuals, providing free digital skills training both in person and online.

Over 30 local businesses attended this free event which hosted a variety of workshops and talks. They focused on a wide range of digital skills from branding to social media to graphic design. The individuals in attendance were invited to put questions to Google’s Digital Coaches about how they might better utilise these digital skills to help grow their businesses.

Mr Shapps had previously invited Google to his constituency to host this event and was very pleased they could help level up the digital skills of the many fantastic local businesses in Welwyn Hatfield. He met both local businesses owners and residents who attended and talked to them about how they were going take their business to the next level thanks to the new skills they learnt from Google.  

Mr Shapps commented:

“It was great to welcome Google for part of their Google Digital Garage tour. I was really pleased to see so many local businesses and residents attend to hear from Google’s fantastic Digital Garage trainers, and I enjoyed meeting a number of local businesses and residents, to hear about how they plan to use the skills learnt today, and to see first-hand the importance of improving digital skills”. 

Rikesh Valand, Google Digital Garage trainer from Google, who helped facilitate the event, thanked Mr Shapps for attending

“It was great to be joined by Grant Shapps MP in Welwyn Hatfield today for a Google Digital Garage. As ever, we as trainers love getting on the road and speaking to business owners and individuals across the country about their needs, and how the Digital Garage and Skills to Go training programmes can help them in their professional lives.”

He continued:

“Thank you to Grant Shapps MP for joining us, to learn more about the programme and to support their constituents”.
Mr Shapps thanked Google for putting on this fantastic event and looks forward to seeing local businesses make use of their new digital skills in the future.