Stop the Ellenbrook Quarry!

As your local MP, I’ve opposed the Ellenbrook quarry from the beginning. But now I need your help.

In conjunction with Ellenbrook Area Residents Association, I’m sending a letter to the council planning committee which will determine the quarry application on Tuesday – and I’m inviting you to co-sign it.

Our letter lays out the many reasons that this quarry should never, ever happen, and makes it impossible to ignore how strongly Ellenbrook residents feel about this issue. The more local residents who add their names to our letter, the more the committee will understand how strongly we all feel.

I hope you’ll add your name to our letter. You can add anyone else who’d like to co-sign by adding their name to the Co-Signatory 2/3/4/5 columns below.

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End date: Oct 30, 2023

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