The local MP for Welwyn Hatfield, Grant Shapps, has written to the leader of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council regarding the bin collection strike which began today.

Constituents across Welwyn Hatfield are concerned that the bin strikes will cause rubbish to pile up throughout the summer and inflict a great deal of worry and stress for the whole community.

Mr Shapps spent time over the weekend talking to local residents about their concerns – many of whom were alarmed that this was happening, especially since we have never suffered a bin strike before in Welwyn Hatfield.

As the local MP, Mr Shapps wrote to the leader of the Liberal Democrat-Labour ran council to hold them to account for the chaos caused by these bin strikes. In the letter he outlined the concerns of his constituents and sought clarification on a variety of questions.

In his letter Mr Shapps wrote:

“Over the past twenty years, Conservatives ran this council looking after local residents and without a single bin strike. Under your administration it has taken a matter of weeks for the threat of rubbish piling up to become all too real.”

His letter contains a series of questions, asked on behalf of local residents, that the leader of the council is asked to address:

You can read the full letter here