Grant Shapps, the MP for Welwyn Hatfield, has been taking action to address a number of local issues in Hatfield. 

Among these issues is a problem with the lighting at Hatfield Train Station. Faulty lighting on the footbridge linking Hatfield Train Station to Beaconsfield Road causes problems for those travelling at night.

Mr Shapps has taken the issue up with the head of Network Rail, and he’s been in touch with Peter Hebden – County Councillor for the area which covers the Train Station – who is also keen to get the station lighting repaired. 
Mr Shapps assured that he and Peter will continue to pursue this issue. He said:

“Being a commuter, I know how good lighting can make a journey feel safer. It’s therefore important to fix this lighting issue at Hatfield Train Station as soon as possible. Both Peter and I will keep pressing until the lighting is repaired.”

Mr Shapps also stated his, and local County Councillor James Bond’s, determination to get two pieces of graffiti just outside Hatfield Town Centre removed. He commented:

“I’ve reported the very unpleasant graffiti to the council, and I know that this area’s County Councillor – James Bond – is also working to get this unsightly issue resolved. I’ll make sure to push further if it’s not dealt with in a reasonable time.”

Mr Shapps has also reported several damaged road surfaces across the town, including on Wellfield Road, Goldsmith Way and on the roundabout just outside Old Hatfield. As well as that, he’s been pressing Hertfordshire County Council to carry out preliminary works to ascertain and resolve the cause of repeated flooding at the top of Lemsford Road.

Mr Shapps will keep local residents updated on this and similar issues.