The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

Member of Parliament for Welwyn Hatfield

Shapps meets Mimram campaigners as fight to save the River continues

Grant Shapps MP met with Friends of the Mimram, the Wildlife Trust and local councillors last Friday as campaigning to reduce water abstractions from the River Mimram reaches a new stage, with the Environment Agency agreeing to look closely at a plan for reduced abstraction from the River.

Flow levels in the Mimram have been badly affected by a combination of over-abstraction of water by the local water company, together with an extended period of low rainfall over the winter, and reduced levels have only been partly relived by the recent heavy rainfall. Grant Shapps and campaigners agree there needs to be a long term solution and have stepped up the campaign to close the pumping station at Fulling Mill and reduce the amount of water taken from the river.

Increased water flow would provide a river sanctuary for wildlife and increase the river bank vegetation. It would also mean that there would be more reserves of ground water to support the river during any period of drought.

Grant said at the meeting “I’m right behind the Friends of the Mimram’s ongoing campaign to save our River. The River Mimram has long been affected by over-abstraction causing low flows and this practical solution finally offers a resolution.”

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