The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

Member of Parliament for Welwyn Hatfield

MP praises Charity Shop for ‘Green Apple’ Award

Local MP Grant Shapps recently visited Wot-Nots charity shop in Hatfield. Wot-Nots was recently awarded the Green Apple award for their positive impact on the environment and encouraging sustainability. Grant was delighted at the opportunity to meet staff and customers on his visit and to admire the Green Apple award in person.

Olwyn Buchta of Wot Nots commented: “Our volunteers over the past eleven years since the project began have put something back into society. We are pleased that we now come under the heading of the Big Society”

Grant said: “The Wot-Nots shops are moving from strength to strength. Not only do they perform an invaluable role in the Hatfield community by providing opportunities for voluntary work and therapeutic unpaid employment for people managing mental health problems, they are also leading the way in their stance on environmental issues. The Green Apple award is testament to their hard work and is well deserved.”

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