The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

Member of Parliament for Welwyn Hatfield

Eric Pickles visits Welwyn Hatfield

Beales Hotel in Hatfield was the venue for the local Conservative Association’s Annual Dinner held recently. Local MP Grant Shapps was joined by his boss, the Secretary for State for the Department of Communities and Local Government, The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP.

The event saw a record turnout with over 180 guests in attendance. During the evening diners enjoyed hearing from Mr Pickles about what it is like to work at the heart of Government. After an entertaining speech, guests had their chance to ask questions to the Communities Secretary of State.

Grant Shapps said: “The evening was a great success and Eric was very  good about visiting every table and trying to grab a word with each guest. It was a pleasure to have him come and speak for us. I think people particularly enjoyed hearing about some of the big challenges facing our country. Eric was also able to give something of an insight into how working in Government can be surprisingly like that classic TV Programme Yes Minister.”

Eric Pickles said: “It was great to be in Hatfield. I was delighted to get the opportunity to meet with 180 guests as I went round the tables to say hello. Events such as these are an excellent way of connecting with local people and discussing the issues that concern them – they are an essential part of British politics and it was a pleasure to attend the constituency of my hardworking chum Grant.”


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