The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

Member of Parliament for Welwyn Hatfield

Grant Shapps MP, Chair of the British Infrastructure Group of MPs (BIG), has led calls for Highway Authorities across the UK to rethink their approach to traffic controls. In its new report, ‘We’re Jammin’’, launched today, BIG urges authorities to call time on installing increasing numbers of traffic control measures without first considering the wider […]

Mayor Boris tells Shapps TfL are supportive of Oyster coming to Welwyn Hatfield

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has responded to local MP Grant Shapps’ personal lobbying attempts confirming TfL is supportive of further extensions of Oyster ticketing and contactless payments. However, work is needed with the DfT and Great Northern to speed this process up and to obtain their commitment to the project. Mr Shapps’ will […]

Great British Broadband Rip-Off

Great British Broadband Rip-Off

Shapps backs ovarian cancer awareness month

Welwyn Hatfield MP Grant Shapps, is supporting Target Ovarian Cancer’s “Start Making Noise” campaign to spread the word about the symptoms of the disease during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Shapps is joining the voices of thousands of men and women across the UK to start making noise about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. This will […]

Sunday Trading for the 21st Century

Sunday Trading for the 21st Century

Shapps supports pedestrian crossing campaign

The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP was delighted last week to join parents and children at Valley Road, where there is a desperate need for a pedestrian crossing. Mums Bonnie Chrysanthou and Angela Malone got in touch with Grant a few weeks back to share their petition, calling for a pedestrian crossing to be installed […]

Shapps supports local book swap scheme

Grant Shapps MP dropped in on the brand new Welham Green Community Book Swap Scheme recently. The scheme is the brainchild of Welham Green residents got together and proposed the creation of a book swap scheme to the Parish Council. The Parish Council thought this was a brilliant idea and gave the organisers two rooms […]

Welwyn Hatfield MP lobbies Mayor to get Oyster

The Rt. Hon Grant Shapps MP has lobbied the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, to get oyster card coverage extended to his Welwyn Hatfield constituency. In a letter to the Mayor, handed personally to him yesterday, Grant Shapps MP called for the Oyster card system to be brought to Welwyn Hatfield. Although there has […]

Grant Shapps MP leads calls to reform Sunday trading rules.

Welwyn Hatfield’s MP has led calls to reform England’s outdated Sunday Trading laws. In a letter to the Telegraph, signed by 40 MPs and backed by 150 Council Leaders, Grant Shapps MP called for rules relating to the opening hours of large shops on Sunday to be overhauled. Grant chairs the British Infrastructure Group of MPs […]

Grant Announces Welham Green Community Survey

Grant Shapps MP has recently announced the launch of a survey targeted specifically at the community of Welham Green. The survey, the first of a programme that will focus on the smaller communities in the constituency, is intended to give local people a chance to let Grant know how they feel about their community and […]

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